Banking Software & IT Services

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Banking Software & IT Services acts in improving the efficiency of the relationship between financial structures and customers. They focus on the identification and loyalty of the most profitable customers. Our custom banking software is platform based and can manage integration, implementation, and support.

Banking Software & IT Services

Universoftware’s professional Banking Software & IT Services is dedicated to all those who have specific banking needs.

We collaborate with retail and corporate banks by developing tailor-made solutions for the specifications of a mixed target. Our custom-made solutions are designed to help banks of all sizes achieve their goals, whether it’s improving efficiency, increasing profitability, or expanding into new markets.

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Bespoke Banking Solutions

Universoftware offers a range of precise solutions designed specifically for clients in the banking industry. Here are some of our key offerings:

Core Banking System

We provide comprehensive core banking software solutions that serve as the backbone of your banking operations. Our system includes modules for account management, transaction processing, loan management, payment processing, and more. It enables you to efficiently manage customer accounts, automate processes, and handle day-to-day banking activities with ease.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM solutions are tailored to the needs of banks, helping you effectively manage customer interactions, improve customer service, and increase customer retention. Our CRM system allows you to track customer interactions, analyze customer behavior, and personalize your services to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mobile Banking Applications

We develop secure and user-friendly mobile banking applications that enable your customers to perform various banking transactions conveniently from their mobile devices. Our mobile apps offer features such as balance inquiries, fund transfers, bill payments, account statements, and alerts, providing a seamless and intuitive banking experience for your customers.

Online Banking Portals

We create responsive and intuitive online banking portals that allow your customers to access their accounts, perform transactions, and manage their finances online. Our portals offer features such as account balances, transaction history, fund transfers, bill payments, and account customization options. We ensure that the portals are secure, easy to navigate, and reflect your bank’s branding.

Risk Management Systems

Our risk management solutions help banks identify, assess, and mitigate risks effectively. We develop software that integrates risk assessment models, regulatory compliance frameworks, and reporting tools to enable proactive risk management. Our systems assist in fraud detection, credit risk analysis, compliance monitoring, and operational risk management, empowering your bank to make informed decisions and reduce potential risks.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

We offer advanced data analytics and business intelligence solutions tailored to the banking industry. Our software helps banks leverage their data assets to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and operational performance. We enable data visualization, predictive analytics, and real-time reporting, facilitating data-driven decision-making and strategic planning.

Security and Compliance Solutions

We prioritize the security and compliance needs of banks by developing robust software solutions. Our offerings include encryption mechanisms, access controls, multi-factor authentication, and intrusion detection systems to safeguard customer data and prevent unauthorized access. We also provide solutions that aid in regulatory compliance, such as anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) systems.

These solutions are just a glimpse of what Universoftware can provide for clients in the banking industry. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of the sector and work closely with our clients to deliver customized software solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in the ever-evolving banking landscape.

Tackle your business challenges

We successfully face the business challenges of retail and corporate banking:

  • Unsatisfactory CX and loyalty
  • Weak cross-selling

  • Communication with customers disintegrated
  • Increased competition from Fintech and beyond
  • Fragmented view of customers
  • Decreased level of customer confidence
    customer attrition

  • Customer attrition

Certifications: Quality of the banking software

Being ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, our team is committed to a mature quality management system and ensures the unerring security of customer data.

Choose only quality software for your banking operations

With Banking Software & IT Services, we help fintech companies move towards the adoption of digital technologies for every sector such as personalized customer service, greater security of customer transactions, and sustainable improvements in operational efficiency.

Banking Software Services

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