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Retail solutions and IT services aim to achieve greater efficiency in business operations and create a truly customer-centric experience for digital and physical sales channels. Our retail IT consultants deliver customized software solutions to the entire retail ecosystem.

Retail solutions

Software solutions for retailers

As Universoftware, we specialize in providing tailored software solutions to retailers, empowering them to thrive in the digital age. Our main IT solutions are designed to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth. Here are the key solutions we offer:

E-commerce Development

We build robust and user-friendly e-commerce platforms that enable retailers to establish a strong online presence. Our solutions integrate secure payment gateways, inventory management systems, and personalized customer experiences to maximize sales and reach a broader audience.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Our customized POS systems simplify the sales process, allowing retailers to manage transactions efficiently. Our solutions offer features such as inventory tracking, real-time reporting, and integration with other business tools, ensuring accurate sales data and seamless operations.

Inventory Management

We develop inventory management systems that automate stock tracking, order fulfillment, and replenishment processes. Retailers can monitor stock levels, optimize procurement, and minimize overstock or stockouts, leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM solutions enable retailers to build stronger relationships with customers. We provide tools to capture and analyze customer data, track purchase history, and personalize marketing campaigns. This helps retailers understand customer preferences and deliver targeted offers, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mobile Applications

We create mobile apps that extend retailers’ reach to mobile users. Our apps offer features such as product catalogs, mobile ordering, loyalty programs, and push notifications to engage customers and drive sales. With a mobile presence, retailers can tap into the growing mobile user base and deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Data Analytics

We offer data analytics solutions that extract valuable insights from retail data. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, retailers can gain actionable intelligence on sales trends, customer behavior, and inventory optimization. These insights aid in making informed business decisions and improving overall performance.

Integration Services

We specialize in integrating various software systems and third-party applications to ensure seamless data flow across different platforms. Our integration solutions enable retailers to synchronize data between e-commerce platforms, POS systems, accounting software, and other business tools, creating a unified and efficient operational ecosystem.

By leveraging our comprehensive IT solutions, retailers can optimize their operations, increase sales, and deliver exceptional customer experiences in today’s competitive market. Take the first step towards unlocking your retail business’s full potential and contact us today to discuss how our tailored solutions can propel your success.

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These services, delivered by scalable teams, also include the work of business analysts, software consultants and engineers, graphic designers, and quality control professionals.

We possess skills capable of satisfying all types of retail software development services:

  • Custom development
  • Support
  • Redesign of enterprise systems
  • Maintenance
  • Platform-based implementation

At Universoftware, our retail IT solutions can help you streamline your operations and provide a better customer experience.

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Retail services

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