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Software Quality Control Consulting Services are created to establish an efficient and effective software quality control process.

At Universoftware we are dedicated to supporting companies, identifying obstacles to quality control within the current SDLC process, making significant improvements to the quality control process or introducing a software development process that focuses on quality from scratch.

Quality Assurance: when you need to contact

We work for companies that:

  • Want Quality Assurance methodologies to be handled more easily.

  • Costs are amortized through Quality control outsourcing.
  • Aim to obtain sector and / or process certification and more.
  • Don’t have a structured quality assurance process at all.
  • Expand their business.

  • Experience an increase in the workload.

  • Experience slowdown due to bottlenecks (structural problems, ineffective communication or task allocation, etc.).

When you need a consulting

No process

No quality control process
Quality is managed by dev team

Inefficient QA process

Lack of control
  • Process bottlenecks (structural problems, inefficient communication or task allocation)
  • No clear visibility of quality
  • Low  quality
  • Outsourced process went out of control
Growth problems
  • Old processes are not scalable
  • Increased workload requires optimization
  • Need to set up/ train in-house Quality Assurance team
Process change
  • Transition from product to service model
  • Implementing new development approaches

Process certification required

QA consulting process

QA consulting process

Project get-in

Reviewing project documents Examining project state Interviewing key persons Reviewing the project

As a result

Understanding project situation

Analysis and planning

Identifying project problems
Identifying risk and limitations
Working out possible solutions
Identifying kpi
Working out a roadmap to reach the kpi
Setting timeline and assigning tasks

As a result

Problem-solving plan


Implementing the roadmap
Tracking change risk
Transferring knowledge to your team

As a result

Project issues solved


Supervising your team's work
Identifying problems (if any)
Addressing problems

As a result

Root problems addressed

Service options

QA consulting with Universoftware: results

You will appreciate immediate improvements on many aspects that are important to your business, for example:

  • Communication throughout the team (QA, BAs, stakeholders, developers and other units)

  • Overall testing  quality

  • Budget planning

  • Time-to-market

  • Testing environment

  • Knowledge management

  • Transparency and Traceability of QA processes

Do you think QA does not meet the needs of your project?

The Universoftware team is available to analyse and design the quality control process from scratch so that it contributes to achieving the objectives of the project.

Now you can enjoy a transparent and efficient quality control process!

The Universoftware team will support you in your project!

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