Software Testing and QA Outsourcing

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Universoftware’s quality control services help customers choose software solutions. Thanks to the outsourcing of quality control, it will be possible to respect optimized testing times and budgets, and you will be able to focus on business and project objectives.


How does quality control work for your project?

Our experts will take care of fully managing your needs!

Why improve QA?

Quality control and test outsourcing can save 25 to 35% of a project budget and 15 to 25% of time to market. For this, you should outsource quality control.

Why enhance QA?

Depending on the characteristics of the project, quality control and test outsourcing can save 20 to 30% of a project’s budget and 10 to 15% of time to market. This is why outsourcing quality control is worthwhile.

Our work

Collaboration takes place like this:

  • Responsibility transfer.
  • Test planning.
  • QA process redesign and incorporation into existing workflows.

  • Current QA process assessment.

  • Service planning and SLA preparation.
  • Test design.

  • Test execution.

  • Test results reporting and testing performance evaluation.
  • QA process improvement planning and implementation.

  • Defect validation and regression testing.

We provide all types of outsourcing tests

  • SaaS, web, mobile, and desktop application testing.
  • Manual testing and test automation (Selenium, Appium, Microsoft Coded UI Tests).
  • Functional, performance, usability, compatibility, and security testing.

Service options we offer

Multi-product QA outsourcing

With an initial lineup we can start sketching the project.

Transformational QA outsourcing

Review of the features, user journey’s data flow and options in detail.

Complete QA outsourcing

With this option we will provide full QA support while maintaining control over the services provided.

Product-level QA outsourcing

Great option if you want to fill a gap in QA and check the skills or potential for a project.

Contact us and outsource your QA now!

Universoftware will create a quality control process suited to your needs, take care of the relevant quality control and testing activities.

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