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At our custom software development company, we take pride in showcasing our latest projects that demonstrate our relentless commitment to innovation and delivering tailor-made solutions. From cutting-edge applications to intricate systems, our portfolio reflects the diverse industries we serve and the transformative impact we have on our clients’ businesses.

Bhaar Fintech

We collaborated with Bhaar Fintech, the nation’s leading fintech enterprise, to develop a user-friendly and innovative mobile app that revolutionized the way customers and businesses access and interact with a wide range of financial services, resulting in increased customer engagement and satisfaction.

FemInno Lab Solutions

We empowered FemInno Lab Solutions through innovative software development, utilizing technologies like AI, machine learning, and automation to optimize laboratory workflows, accelerate data analysis, and foster women-led innovation in scientific research. Our tailored software solutions integrated intelligent algorithms, real-time analytics, and intuitive user interfaces, enabling FemInno Lab Solutions to stay ahead in the industry and drive groundbreaking discoveries.


We played a pivotal role in assisting Tonurse in their app development, creating an efficient healthcare system that strengthens the patient-caregiver relationship. By developing a multi-request platform, we seamlessly connected in-hospital patients with nurses, facilitating real-time assistance for their medical needs, and ultimately enhancing the overall healthcare experience.

Ammiro Transport

We partnered with Ammiro Transport, a leading European logistics and warehousing company, to revolutionize their operations by eliminating paper-based processes. Through the development of a workflow mobile app and OCR technology integration, we successfully digitized, automated, and streamlined their paper-intensive business processes, resulting in over 200 man-days saved annually and a more efficient and sustainable workflow.

Sport ICH

We played a pivotal role in helping Sport ICH effectively run its software development, enabling brands and marketing agencies to seamlessly connect with elite athletes worldwide through a user-friendly interface, smart technological solutions, and an extensive database of sports stars from over 60 countries, resulting in stunning sponsorship deals and strengthened marketing campaigns.


We partnered closely with FortiPrivacy to develop a cutting-edge mobile application, implementing robust security measures like encryption and secure data storage, while leveraging advanced technologies such as multi-factor authentication, ensuring that users can effectively safeguard their personal information and maintain control over their digital privacy with confidence.

Web & Mobile

Develop custom web and mobile apps for your business.

UI/UX Design

With our help, create user-friendly and engaging interfaces.


Artificial Intelligence-powered solutions for your business needs.


Protect your business from cyber threats.


Connect devices and collect data to improve efficiency.

Software Testing

Ensure software quality and reliability.

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